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Unexpected loss, catastrophic injury, serious illness, and traumatic grief are difficult experiences to endure.  Many of these experiences place an extreme hardship on a family and an agency.  Hospitalizations, insurance and benefits, funeral arrangements, legal and financial issues, rebuilding of a life all can cause overwhelming stress.  After a death or career-ending injury, even the smallest tasks can be hard to tackle.  The Texas LODD Task Force and our team of volunteers are here to help you navigate through those difficult moments.  We have compassionate team members that will help with funeral arrangements, benefits assistance, resource management, survivor care, and more.  Whether you are an agency looking to build an SOG on caring for your members, are a first responder suffering with an injury, or a family member looking to connect with a fellow survivor, we are here to connect you to the right resource for your situation.

We are here for you. We choose to be your advocate, your support, and your friend.  

Learn more about the ways we can help you connect with advocates, subject matter experts, peer professionals, counseling, social services, and to our partners.

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