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Our Goals

The goals of the Texas LODD Task Force are multifaceted, but can be summarized in the statement, ‘Remembering the survivors so that we will never forget the fallen.’  Our goal is to provide for the unique needs of those who have experienced a line of duty death or injury.  Fall-out issues from a fatality include depression, substance abuse, loss of desire to continue serving within the profession (paid or volunteer, post traumatic stress, marriage difficulties, inter-department stress, fractured families, and sometimes suicide.  We wish to help to stem the sadness, grief and stress within this community by providing services that are specifically catered to the particular needs of these individuals.

Our Values​

  • Strong, postive relationships with emergency service agencies throughout Texas.

  • Strong, positive partnerships with fire, EMS, and police agencies as well as other non-profits and community members (business and individuals) that care for the injured and the fallen.

  • Access for all departments and families to high quality programs – prevention and preparation programs, support services, and volunteer opportunities.

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