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About Us

The Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force provides excellent, compassionate, and immediate care to first responders (LE, fire, and EMS) who have been injured in the line of duty (including psychological injuries) and to the families and agencies of those who have died in the line of duty or by suicide.


The Task Force provides benefits assistance, social services, and long-term care and assistance to the families and agencies in order to ensure that they are fully supported as they face life that has been forever altered.


 We believe in giving full respect to the dignity of each individual that we work with, whether it be a family member, an officer, or a rank-and-file first responder. Our wish is to show honor to the fallen (both injured and those who have died) in the work that we do.

Remembering the Survivors So We Never Forget the Fallen


Learn about the history of the Texas LODD Task Force and how we have impacted the first responder community here in Texas and nationally.

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