Founders & Board

The Texas LODD Task Force is guided by a working Board of Directors and strategic advisors. We rely on this group of people with a diverse background to help guide us through making the most of our mission. They are resources and advocates so that the Texas LODD Task Force can make the largest impact for everyone who’s ever been and ever will be touched by a line of duty death or injury.

Wendy C. Norris


Wendy is the founder of Firefighter Ministries and a co-founder of the Texas LODD Task Force.  She serves as the president and chief executive officer. She also serves as the Presiding Officer on the Governor’s Advisory Panel for the Star of Firefighter Texas Awards.  She is a guest instructor for the Texas A&M TEEX fire schools, and a peer advisor for the SOAR program of the Phoenix Burn Society, and a Master Chaplain/Instructor for the Federation of Fire Chaplains.  

Billy Wusterhausen

Vice President/Response Commander

Billy has been a member of the Task Force since 2003.  He serves as a Response Commander and the Vice President. Billy has been involved in the fire service since 1991, where he began as a volunteer and was hired in 1995 with the Ro