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Wendy C. Norris
Founder & President

MEssage From the Founder

After suffering from a catastrophic, career-ending injury while fighting a fire in 1997, I felt alone and afraid of the journey I had to make in rebuilding my life.  I decided that I did not want to see another firefighter suffer through some of the same experiences that I had endured and that is how Firefighter Ministries was born.  It evolved quickly into an organization that provided assistance to not only the injured but to the families of the fallen.  It is my hope that the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force will be a beacon of light to those who have been affected by such a traumatic loss or injury.  I want to use my experiences from my injury and recovery process to make another's journey a bit easier.


We are here to serve all first responders: law enforcement, fire, and EMS as well as their families and agencies.  Whether an individual was paid, volunteer, contract, or private, we will provide excellent, compassionate, and transparent care to those we serve.


For 20 years we have provided services that include death notifications, funeral planning, crisis management, resource procurement, benefits filing, and long-term family care that includes peer support, networking, and retreats.  Our experience and expertise in handling single fatality/injury incidents, multiple fatality/injury incidents, first responder suicide, and mass fatality incidents have given us the ability to become the best at what we do.  We are honored to be invited into a moment of a family's life that can be so hard and yet is so precious.  Figuring out how to pay respects, give honor, and how to showcase a legacy is a precious time for families and co-workers.  We are here to guide them through that process.

If you need assistance, have questions or comments, or would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to contact us!




Wendy C. Norris

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