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Support for Survivors of First Resonder Suicide, Because their Life Mattered Too

There is an increasing need for support services and networking for the loved ones of first responders who have died due to suicide and we are here to try and fill that need.  The grief that is felt in the wake of a suicide can be complicated and lonely.  It is our hope that through our S.O.S. program that survivors will not feel as alone.  We know that your first responder's life mattered and we are here to honor that life.


In this space you will find other individuals that have experienced a similar loss and will understand the range of emotions and the feelings that you are going through.  This is a judgement free zone that provides caring support, compassion, and a shoulder to lean on.

We have a private online space for you and in the coming year look for in-person networking opportunities for you to meet with other survivors.


​Survivors of Suicide Support Organizations

Grief Support

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