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Social Media Tool Kit

Social media is one of the best ways to fundraise to help the Texas LODD Task Force. Whether you tweet, post, Instagram, or Snap a photo, share why you are fundraising for the Texas LODD Task Force in your own words. It's quick, easy, and can have enormous results.  

Follow the Texas LODD Task Force on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for inspiring stories, photos and video that you can share with your supporters. 

When sharing content, please be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising page so your followers can help you reach your goal.  Your personal page URL can be found in the "PERSONAL PAGE" tab of your participant center. 

And don't forget to tag us! @loddtaskforce or #loddtaskforce.

So what makes for a good social media post? Here are a few examples:

  • Feature a particular area of service (fire, police, EMS): Explain why you are dedicating your fundraising to the Texas LODD Task Force. Tell us about a first responder in your life or choose the story of a first responder that you have heard about in the news and tell us why this first responder inspired you to raise funds for the Texas LODD Task Force

  • Milestones: Did you break a personal or fundraising goal? Tell your friends and family! Be sure to include the link back to your fundraising page and remind people there are still first responders and families in need of help.

You are welcome to use any image or video from the Texas LODD Task Force in your social media posts: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube.

Social media images:

We have some social media graphics for you to use for your fundraising campaign.  Click here to access the graphics

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