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COVID-19 First Responder Emergency Fund

The Texas LODD Task Force has created an emergency fund in response to the growing number of deaths and of hospitalized first responders that have contracted the COVID19 virus in the line of duty.

We are raising funds to create care baskets and to provide tangible services such as meal delivery, home sanitization, and other support services for the loved ones of fallen or ill first responders both here in the State of Texas and nationally.

There are many loved ones of fallen or ill first responders who do not have the ability to visit their loved ones in the hospital or are able to visit them before they die.  Because of the isolation and quarantine protocols, these families are often left with deep anxiety, fear, and grief.  It is our goal to provide them with comfort care kits, and tangible services to assist them with meeting their immediate needs and to provide a small measure of comfort.

Your donation will allow us to provide these care kits, cleaning services, meal services, and other tangible support services. Whether you donate $1.00 or $1000.00, your donation will help care for these first responder families and their loved ones.

To donate, please visit:


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