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#InMyGear Challenge

Create your #InMyGear fundraising page  and then plan your challenge. Registration opens May 1

Tell your friends and family about your page. Raise funds to meet your goal.

Come October, get ready to do your challenge in your gear!

The #InMyGear challenge is a fun way for our supporters to raise awareness and funds during the month of October.  Participants choose a challenge, such as a 5K, that they will do in their gear (or one of our t-shirts).  Participants choose to either pay a registration fee or set up a fundraising page and ask for their friends and family to support their challenge, and then during the month of October they will do their challenge.  We have had participants lift weights in their gear, run a 5k, and walked stairs.  We can't wait to see what participants will do in 2018!

Help! I don't know what to do in my in my gear!

There are million and one things to do in your gear, and it's important to remember that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you do it in your gear (or our shirt)!

To help you out, we'e compiled a list to do in your gear or t-shirt.

Do I have to do my challenge in October?

October is our main action month for #InMyGear Challenge when most people do their challenges or events, but of course you're welcome to do your challenge any time between May and November. Registration opens May 1st, so you can take the #InMyGearChallenge anytime after May 1st!  T-Shirts will only be available for a short period of time.

How do I fundraise?

Start out with something simple and ask those close to you to donate to you. Tell them why you’ve chosen to wear your gear and what makes the mission of the Texas LODD Task Force so important to you! Try holding some events, getting active, or even just wearing our t-shirt for everyday activities. Check out our 8 Foolproof Fundraising Tips below and our Fundraising Toolkit for lots of fundraising tips and tricks to get you on your way to smashing your goal!

#InMyGear Challenge Ideas

  • 1 mile run

  • Stair climb

  • WOD

  • Bike ride

  • Obstacle course

  • Trapezing

  • Yoga

  • Tightrope walking

  • Get the shirt and wear it to work

These 8 tips will help get your fundraiser off to a good start and get you on the path to helping us help first responders and their loved ones.

#1 Get Started Today

The more time you have to fundraise, the more money you’ll raise. If you haven’t already, set up your fundraising page: make sure you add a profile picture (ideally of you in your gear!), add your “Motivation” – that is, WHY you’re doing it in your gear and perhaps what your challenge is! Let your friends and family know what you’re up to, and use the share buttons in your profile so all your Facebook and Twitter fans know what’s up too! If you start early, you’ll allow busy people plenty of time to donate. 

#2 Donate to Yourself First

You know what they say – put your money where your mouth is! This will encourage others to donate to you! By donating to yourself first, you’re showing everyone that you’re serious about supporting the Task Force. It won’t be long before your friends and family are following suit.

#3 Ask your Close Friends and Family First

Send a personalized email to your family and friends, and let them know that you’ve decided to participate in the #InMyGear Challenge! For the people you know really well, ask them to send the email onto their friends too – you’ll be amazed at who wants to support you!

#4 Make it About You

Your friends and family WANT to support you. Tell them WHY you’re passionate about the #InMyGear Challenge, and how much you want to raise to support those that are hurting. Then keep them updated on how you’re going! Each time you hit a personal goal, share the news! It’s their donations that are making it possible, so ensure they share in every win along the way! Share why YOU’RE connected to this issue – and people will get connected to it too!

#5 Create a Team 

Like a lot of things in life, the #InMyGear Challenge is much more fun with friends! If one person is having fun with the challenge, can you imagine what impact 5, 10, or even 50 people wearing their gear doing a challenge can have? Grab your friends, family, your crew, your station house, classmates, church, youth group, and get them to participate in the  #InMyGear Challenge with you! You’ll have a ton of FUN, plus raise lots of money and awareness – and that’s what we call a win-win!

#6 Share Like Crazy

SHARE your #InMyGear Challenge adventures! Facebook it, Instagram it – do whatever you need to. Let your people know that you’re doing. Use our social media tools. Take photos of everything you get up to in your gear, and make sure you tag them with #InMyGear so we can see what you are up to, and share it with the rest of our community. You’ll never know who you’ll inspire to jump on board! Together we can raise awareness.


This is SO important! Once you’ve received a donation make sure you send out a public thank you via Facebook. Your people deserve to be thanked for their contribution. Tag your friends on Facebook and use the awesome “thank you” images in our Toolkit. These will make your supporters feel super loved up, plus be a neat little reminder for your other friends and family to donate to your campaign too – awesome! Send love to all your generous supporters, because without them, change wouldn’t happen!

#8 Remember to follow up!

You’d be surprised at how many people you haven’t spoken to in a while will be willing to donate to your cause. But remember that people are busy. And forgetful!

It never hurts to send a friendly follow-up email, Facebook message or call to those who mentioned they wanted to donate but haven’t yet. People appreciate the reminder

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