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Death Notifications

Principles Involved In The Process of Death Notification:

1.      Death must be recognized as a part of living — each of us will encounter. — Thus, it is at the time of death that we have a better understanding of what life is all about.

2.      At the time of encounter with death, individuals are more open and honest with themselves and with others than perhaps at any other time in their lives.

3.      In making death notifications, the one making the notification is the ‘stranger/friend‘ who assists the ‘victim’ of this circumstance’ in making the encounter with death. He is the one who can offer the support needed at the time that the ‘victim’ reaches out for help.

4.      The Chaplains Office has accepted the commitment of having a person who isprofessionally proficient to assist the ‘victim of this circumstance’ in encountering the trauma of unexpected and/or violent death. (The news media honors a four hour period for us to make notification before names are released to the public).

5.      It is usually best to report completed notification to the investigating branch officer and also to communications control.

6.      Severe injury or death notifications are never easy; but they afford one of thegreatest opportunity to help people who become ‘victims of circumstance’.

7.      The cumulative effect of one’s experience in making notifications is that ofdeveloping greater sensitivity to human needs and in the development of greater proficiency in helping to meet those needs.

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