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Circle Of Care

A Monthly Giving Program That Helps Ensure Our Success.

Join The Circle of Care

$10 a month helps with benefits assistance for 3 families

$20 a month keeps our lending library stocked and circulating

​$30 a month provides training for 3 of our response team members or 2 of our peer support members

​$50 a month allows us to keep one of our response trailers stocked and ready to go for one year

$75 a month supports one full team response to an LODD

$100 a month gives us the opportunity to host a Fallen Heroes Family Network meet-and-greet

By setting up a monthly tax-deductible donation through the Circle of Care Giving Program, you are helping the Texas LODD Task Force provide at-need response, long-term care, networking, and our many other programs. Your gifts will provide a circle of on-going care to those we serve! 


When you join the Circle of Care, you provide ongoing support to our responders that are out in the field, or the support team that are working behind the scenes to provide care to survivors, agencies and families. 

You will receive a tax receipt for your cumulative annual contributions at the end of each fiscal year.

Circle of Care monthly gifts guarantee the Texas LODD Task Force with regular and predictable funds, allowing us to respond immediately to emergencies, and to make solid commitments to new and current projects. Since we know we can count on receiving your support every month, we are able to decrease the expenses of our fundraising and put more of our money into our programs and on the ground at responses. This is a high priority for us. Year after year, at least 90% of all funds raised by the Texas LODD Task Force go directly to support our program activities.


By joining our Circle of Care, you will receive a Texas LODD Task Force logo sticker to proudly display.  You will also receive our newsletter, First Response, which provides updates about our responses, programs, and projects.

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